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aboutmeLoans! Some people benefit from them dramatically, and some people feel trapped by them. How can you avoid the pitfalls of dangerously hard to pay back loans? My name is Werner Burton and I hope I can help. I’m a serial borrower: I have taken on over 1500 loans to date. I’m just crazy about loans! My preferred method is to take out multiple ‘microloans’ at once and then pay them back a couple of weeks later. The smallest loan I’ve ever taken out was a loan of 15 cents. I let it sit for a year and then paid it off for 75 cents. What a thrill! My experience playing with loans of all shapes and sizes has given me a strong knowledge base in the Lending Arts. I have decided to lend you my expertise by creating this blog. Here you will find scads of information concerning the best places to get loans, what size loan you’ll need, the best ways to pay them off, and the history of loans. I don’t actually know the history of how loans started, but I have created in my head a dense mythology to explain it, complete with a pantheon of financial deities. Perhaps if you stick around this blog long enough I’ll tell you more about it. So take a look around and learn the ins and outs of borrowing and lending, will ya?

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