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What You Need to Know About Selling Structured Settlements

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Ways to reduce debt

Many people, all over the world, dream of winning the lottery or a large lawsuit. What most people do not realize is that most of these situations do not result in one large lump sum payments. Whether you have lottery winnings or an annuity, you most likely will have annual payments instead of one large one. Many people are fine with this arrangement but some people would prefer to get cash for a structured settlement.

What is the point of annuity?

Annuity payments come from a variety of sources. If you were named to the beneficiary in someone’s will Read More →

The Benefits of Selling Your Annuity Payments

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Difference between lump sum and annuity

You beat the odds and you were one of the few people who actually won the lottery. You double checked your lottery ticket, before realizing that you actually had won the lottery. You protected the ticket, until you were able to turn it in. You were given two payout options. One, would allow you to take a large payment at once, but you would lose a percentage of your winnings. The other one, you would receive smaller monthly payments, and you would lose fewer winnings. You were likely encouraged to choose the second option.

Years later, you realize that you are struggling financially, and you wonder, why am I struggling when I won the lottery? If only you had all of the money that you deserved. If only you had chosen the first option, you would likely be in a better financial situ Read More →

Getting Started in the Real Estate Investment Business

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Investment mortgage lenders

Many people are interested in the real estate investing concept. However, most do not know how to get started and how to actually make money in this industry. Real estate investing can be a productive and profitable business, if you have the right tools and information. Years ago, when the real estate industry declined, many homes went into foreclosure. In some states and cities, the housing markets have still not fully recovered. Housing prices are still low in these cities. Additionally, people are still going into foreclosure and these properties are being sold off for much less than market value, resulting in good residential and commercial property investing opportunities.

Although these houses may be sold for much less than market value, they may still cost thousands of dollars to purch Read More →

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

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What is payroll processing

A lot goes into owning a business. You are responsible for the ideas and the specific products of the business. You must also market your business in order to increase your customer base and your profits. You must also deal with different vendors and matters of pricing between buyers and sellers. On the back end of the business, you are responsible for employee payroll, human resource tasks, record copy services and scheduling of employees. All of these required tasks of owning a business can be difficult for one person to handle.

Most business owners who go into business for themselves do it because of a passion they have. They might enjoy crafting a specific item and choose to sell it. They might enjoy cooking and serving guests in a restaurant manner. They might enjoy offering cleaning and Read More →

Hotels, Restaurants And Office Spaces The Most Popular Commercial Real Estate Options

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Ms braganza

How is the American real estate landscape looking nowadays? The country is going through significant sociological and economic changes, so it stands to reason that the housing market is going to see some growth in the coming years. Commercial real estate investment firms have been working night and day to adapt to the change, allowing real estate agents and future homeowners alike the resources they need to get the best deal on houses, hotels and restaurants around the country. It’s easy to feel like you may not be able to succeed in a competitive market, but fear not — the timing for starting your very own cafe or hotel has never looked better.

What Is Commercial Real Estate?

Comme Read More →

Why Reliable and Impartial Business Appraisals are Needed

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Business valuation services

Business valuation is a way of measuring the financial worth of a business. It may seem surprising, but this is not an absolute value. It depends on the type of business valuation methodology used, which in turn depends purpose of the valuation. Institutions such as national banks, community banks, credit unions and other SBA service providers often require reliable information on small businesses. Business appraisal services use database and valuation tools to evaluate main street businesses with an average revenue of $1 million.

Three approaches to business appraisal
Business appraisal services need two things to get started: the reason why the business valuation analy Read More →

The Top 4 Things You Should Know When it Comes to Commercial Real Estate Values

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How to buy commercial real estate

When it comes to understanding commercial real estate values and just business real estate in general, small business owners have a lot to process and understand. Although much of the aftermath of the Great Recession has come and gone, it forever changed the way both residential and commercial property owners and buyers thought of real estate investment strategies and which real estate investments would yield the most reward. That’s why it’s so important for small business owners to have even a basic understanding of the best practices in terms of how to buy commercial real estate and commercial real estate values.

One of the Read More →

Learning How to Invest in REITS

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Americas capital partners mid-atlantic

Mostly everyone is aware is of the real estate crash a few years ago. Many Americans lost their homes and many struggled to stay above water. The housing market was left with undervalued homes and an overabundance of foreclosed upon home properties. Commercial businesses also went into foreclosure, as people could no longer afford the mortgage payments. The property market had crashed. Today, a few years later and it has made progress into recovery. The market was quickly bought up by investors, who were able to remodel and repair these homes and then sell them back to property owners. The market is currently more valued and many more people are able to purchase homes that are in better shape.

Although the market has Read More →

How to Get Accurate Small Business Valuations

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Comps valuation

You have decided to go into business for yourself. You are tired of having set hours, a boss who forces you to work overtime and yet still not bring home very much money. Self employment has a lot of advantages, but it can be difficult to start a business from the beginning. This is why some business owners prefer purchasing a business that has already shown some growth and is already making profits. They can bypass the start up process and walk into a business with existing customers, products and services that work and a name that some people recognize. You may still have to find ways to grow the business, but you will have a great starting point.

There are 26.5 million U.S. businesses. There are probably even more than that, ones that are not properly registered. This means that you should have many op Read More →

Three Ways to Not Ruin Your Life After Winning the Lottery

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A secure financial future

Let’s talk about winning the lottery. Hey, it could happen. Do you have an idea of what to do when you win the lottery? We aren’t talking about what kind of luxury vacation to take, and what type of dream car you’d drive. We’re talking about the brass tacks how and what to do to protect your financial well-being.

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of people who won the lottery and then ended up penniless (or worse) in just a short time. Let’s talk about how not to do that:

  1. Know the difference between receiving lump sum and annuity payments.
    When you go to the lottery office to pick u Read More →